Baby Wakes Up Every Hour: Why & How-To’s

baby wakes up every hour

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

If your baby wakes up every hour, sleep for you is only a dream..

So, are you the parent who is exhausted and constantly tired?

Is there a way to help your baby sleep all night long?

Yep! I am here to help you fix this sleepless situation.

I will help you figure out exactly why your baby wakes up every hour and how-to help your little one sleep peacefully through the night.

Baby Wakes Up Every Hour, Why?

To begin, a baby waking up consistently throughout the night is not unusual or abnormal.

Believe it or not, most people, adults, and babies wake up at all hours throughout the night. The difference is most people easily fall back asleep and does not even remember waking up at all.

If your baby does not know how to self-soothe and is waking you up too, that's when the problems begin to arise. You become tired, irritable, and would do anything for sleep.

A Baby's Sleep Cycle

If you have a newborn or young infant, waking up hourly is part of the baby's sleep schedule. When first born, a baby wakes up hourly to nurse or feed.

The younger a baby is, the shorter a baby's sleep cycles are. As the months go on, your baby's sleep cycles will become longer. Your baby will develop a new and longer sleeping schedule with time.

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